Upcoming Workshops

Data Science for Industrial Applications (Online Free Workshop)

This half-a-day free workshop is focused on introducing you to several data science techniques using real-world case studies and examples.



QLeap Academy organizes workshops throughout the year on Industry 4.0, innovation, entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship. These one-day and multi-day workshops and webinars are ideal for professionals, startup founders, business leaders and even students looking to develop new and practical skills to apply latest technologies and management practices to their work.

Workshop Topics & Features:

  • Understanding Industry 4.0 and its Applications
  • Implementation of Industry 4.0
  • Applications of Exponential Technologies in Industry 4.0
  • Unlocking Innovation Potential in Industry 4.0 Era 
  • Innovating in Digital Era
  • Disruptive Innovation 
  • Design Thinking & Lean Startups 
  • Innovation for Emerging Markets 
  • Innovation Mindsets 
  • Intellectual Property for Startups 
  • Building culture of Innovation

Participating Companies

Past Workshops

Industry 4.0: Turning Challenges into Competitive Advantage (One-day Workshop)

QLeap Academy is organizing one-day workshop focused on the key topics needed to start the journey into the fourth industrial revolution. The workshop will use an unique mix of state-of-the-art developments and practical examples on Industry 4.0 taken from the direct experiences of experts from European and Indian Faculty.


Industry 4.0: Turning Challenges into Competitive Advantage (Free Webinar)

Industry 4.0 serves as a backbone to integrate physical objects, human actors, intelligent machines, production lines and processes across organizational boundaries to form a new kind of intelligent, networked and agile value chain. This webinar will discuss how companies can deal with the complexity and fully exploit the potential of Industry 4.0.


Implementing Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 is transforming production, leading to greater productivity, and is changing traditional production relationships among suppliers, producers, customers and importantly, between humans and machines. QLeap Academy has partnered with Fraunhofer IWU, Germany to conduct a two-day training program on Industry 4.0.


Pathways to Succeed & Grow in the IP Profession

Employment and growth prospects for professionals and young talents in the field of IP are multifaceted and extremely bright throughout the world. This workshop offers an opportunity to understand the full potential and scope of Intellectual Property, and recommends paths for successful career growth in this field and create exponential value to the organizations.