Industry 4.0 Products and Solutions

1. Machine Diagnostics and Predictive Maintenance

QLeap is developing Industry 4.0 products and solutions for real-time monitoring of machines using connected sensors, controls, and data analytics for condition monitoring, predictive, and prescriptive maintenance.  

Our customized solution offers dynamic monitoring of machines to identify early warnings, diagnose malfunctions, and provide actionable recommendations using our deep expertise in vibrations, sensors, simulation & modeling, digital twin, and optimization techniques.

We aim at achieving zero down-time and optimal performance of plant equipment by real-time machine health monitoring and predictive maintenance with advanced sensor technologies and Industry 4.0 tools.

2. A Digital Platform for Industry 4.0

QLeap's Digital Platform offers online courses, maturity assessments and networking opportunities. This will be a first of its kind platform in the world focused on Industry 4.0.  The platform:

  • Enables members and institutions to connect, learn, and exchange ideas on the topics related to Industry 4.0, Innovation, Entrepreneurship and 21st Century Skills
  • Provides exclusive access to the course content, assessment tools, blogs, news letters, articles, publications, books and member-only events
  • Offers special pricing and discounts on certifications, exams, events, publications, online assessment tools, and other resources to its members

The goal of digital platform is to enable organizations and individuals to succeed in their efforts on Industry 4.0

What we offer

Online Content

Content on the topics of Industry 4.0, Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and other 21st century skills


Basic, advanced and mastery certification based on completion of certain number of credits

Assessment Tools

Assessment tools on Industry 4.0, Innovation & 21st century skills


Books, manuals and other learning resources on Industry 4.0, Innovation & other topics


Quarterly journal to share and learn best practices in Industry 4.0 & Innovation


Weekly newsletter on recent developments in Industry 4.0 around the world


Annual global conference to learn present and future of Industry 4.0, and network


Regional meetings to learn and exchange ideas on the topics of interest


Monthly webinar on different topics of Industry 4.0 and 21st century skills