The QLeap Consulting team has direct and hands-on experience of working with organizations in areas such as research, technology, innovation, Industry 4.0, intellectual property, business strategy, venture investment and M&A. The team has engaged with Indian, multinational companies and SMEs in areas of innovation and intellectual asset management, to create new growth opportunities by developing strategy, building capabilities, and launching new initiatives.

Through the consulting services, we endeavour to develop and execute outcome driven strategy, roadmaps and programs for Indian and global corporates to achieve disruptive innovations for developed and emerging markets.

Services offered to organisations

Industry 4.0 and innovation have become important to every organization in a rapidly changing and disruptive world where companies have to manage short product cycles, high innovation risks, rapid changes in technology & business models, and global competition. QLeap aims at building the capability within the organization to achieve innovation led growth in the Industry 4.0 era that is repeatable and sustainable by:

  • Conducting Industry 4.0 maturity assessments in partnership with Fraunhofer IWU, based on the framework, tools and practices developed by Fraunhofer
  • Building capabilities in the organization in the areas of Industry 4.0, digital transformation and other exponential and emerging technology domains
  • Building innovation culture and mindset through various programs and activities
  • Creating innovation champions and leaders in the organization through mastery program to identify, design, and successfully execute innovation opportunities that leads to new business growth
  • Conducting audit and diagnosis to develop strategy and roadmap to succeed in the innovation efforts

QLeap speacilaizes in building outcom- driven innovation & Industry 4.0 strategy and execution within the organization to achieve substantial and disruptive business growth with practical, insightful and inspired learning, and applying the learning on real projects.

Multi-national Companies

For most organisations with a multi-geographic presence, emerging markets are often the key to growth.

Innovation is the answer to enable these organisations meet their goals and that involves a deliberate process and strategization.

QLeap assists global companies with the following services and more, vital to meet organisational goals:

  • Identifying innovation opportunities for emerging markets
  • Strategy for business, innovation, technology, & Intellectual Property specific to emerging markets
  • Building a culture of innovation within organization focused on emerging markets
  • Scouting businesses in emerging markets for investments, joint ventures and M&A
  • Partnership with organizations in emerging markets
Large Indian Companies

QLeap enables large Indian companies to foster growth, innovation and academic partnerships to propel their future progress. These engagements include:

  • Business, innovation, technology, & Intellectual Property strategy
  • Building bottoms up innovation ecosystem within the organization
  • Identifying innovation opportunities for future growth
  • Creativity, design thinking, innovation, & Intellectual Property training
  • Scouting companies for investment, joint ventures, and M&A
  • Technology and Intellectual Property due diligence
  • Partnership with academic institutions
Small & Medium Enterprises

QLeap assists SMEs with strategy for new markets, partnerships, investors, asset management and other growth strategies. The services include:

  • Business growth strategy
  • Innovation opportunities for existing and new products and services
  • Intellectual Property and intangible asset management
  • Venture Capital & Private Equity investments
  • Building strategic partnerships
  • Identifying new markets and geographies

Engagement Models

Education Institutes - Consulting Services

There is a recent trend in Indian educational institutes based in cities to start new courses in entrepreneurship, setup maker labs, and create incubation/ entrepreneurship cell. Those educational institutes who have started these activities are facing a challenge to sustain the efforts due to lack of in-house capability etc. With previous experience of successfully designing and implementation of India’s first MBA course on innovation and entrepreneurship, QLeap will provide following services:

  • Developing new major and minor courses on entrepreneurship and innovation for various disciplines at undergraduate and post-graduate level
  • Develop curriculum for specific short courses and connecting to experts to teach the course
  • Setting up of maker lab, entrepreneurship cell, incubator
  • Training faculty members to conduct new courses and run maker lab/incubation center
  • Connecting to mentors, domain experts, investors, industry, government and global universities for partnership

QLeap will help educational institutes to build the capacity to start and run new courses and entrepreneurial initiatives